We give back to the farmers and community who supply our beans.  We have been actively involved in and will continue to support child education through material and financial support to the community.  We invest in education by giving continuous support to the Gute Boru Elementary School in the area. It is also incorporated in the company’s Five-Year Strategic Plan to increase our community support activities and diversify areas of involvement in our corporate responsibility undertakings.

Coffee Export and International Outreach

We export Ethiopian Specialty coffee to the Gulf, Europe, Asia and USA. Our coffee is highly preferred and demanded in the Gulf region and Middle East, where coffee consumption is high. Due to this we have established continuing partnerships with international coffee buyers. Our coffee is perfect for making espresso, filter coffees, Arabic coffee, Turkish coffee and many more. We are currently engaged in a strategic vision of further expanding our coffee export outreach to more countries around the globe and avail Ethiopian’s gift to the world.

Roasters, Cafes and Roasted Beans

Our coffee is roasted live in front of clients in the biggest tourist attractions in Addis Ababa, Entoto Park and Unity Park adding to our main branch in Kazanchis. Our cafes with on-site roaster, is a great concept for showcasing our specialty coffee. What makes our cafes unique is that we provide live coffee roasting where clients see how their coffee is freshly roasted on site and explanation is given on our coffee origin and background. This gives us credibility and trust among our clients and is yet another strong reason to retain customers. With the gentle aroma of our coffee wafting in the air, it is the perfect place to unwind and relax after a long day or kick start your morning with our coffee.

Customization, Wholesale & Samples

We specialize in providing customization on our coffee where clients can request for a roast of their own liking in addition to flavors they like to add such as cardamom.  We also offer whole sale services and sample requests. Keep in touch if you want any of these services.

Furnished Apartments

Located at the heart of the city in Kazanchis, a walking distance from UN, we provide furnished high class Luxury apartments in Addis. Immaculate, exquisitely designed, fully furnished two bedroom apartments and an ultra-luxurious 10th floor penthouse with panoramic view of the city. Equipped with guaranteed security features including 24/7 security, CCTV, wifi, reserved underground parking and VIP resident exclusive elevator, they are the perfect place to live in Addis.